Paul Gerber was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1950. After receiving his watch-making diploma, Paul moved to Zurich where he opened a retail and watch restoration shop. In 1976, he established his own independent workshop with the idea of creating unique and complicated watches by either modifying or creating his own movements.
Ever since establishing himself, this highly gifted and creative watchmaker has amazed watch enthusiasts around the world with his unprecedented and complicated mechanisms and works of art.

Paul Gerber’s exceptional watch making skills include not only technical expertise but also creativity and an artisanal gift.
Producing beautiful mechanical creations of this caliber requires the synthesis of old world handicraft and modern techniques. Wide ranges of horological masterpieces are produced in Paul’s workshop and comprise a multitude of innovations. Mr. Gerber’s first in-house production watch is the «Retrograde» which uses the modified base movement Peseux 7001. This model featured the now-famous, worlds first fly back «retrograde» seconds.
From this hand wind model, Paul enhanced the base movement to incorporate his twin rotor system, which became the «Retro Twin». The movement «Model 33» is 100% produced in Paul’s workshop. This tonneau-shaped movement also incorporates the «Paul Gerber Escapement», along with a 6mm diameter three-dimensional moon phase, which is displayed accurately for 128 years. The Cal. 33 is also available with the large sub-seconds at the seven o’clock position without the moon phase. A patent for the unique «Paul Gerber Escapement» used in the Cal. 33 is pending.

It is no wonder that Paul Gerber is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for having created the world’s most complicated wristwatch. Starting with a self-striking repeater movement by Louis Eysee Piguet, Mr. Gerber added a split second chronograph with fly-back function, jumping minute counter and a power reserve indicator for both the movement and chiming mechanism. After having added a flying tourbillon, over 1100 parts work in harmony in this technical masterpiece. As Paul Gerber proudly states «This watch is not only the world’s most complicated wrist watch, it is also part of my life since it kept me busy for 11 years».

Paul continues to use his exceptional skills to create fun and fascinating timepieces for watch enthusiasts around the world.

Today Mr. Gerber is proud to introduce his newest creation, the Model 41. This watch uses an in-house manufactured automatic movement cased in either a 42mm 18ct rose gold or steel case, 100hr power reserve with a quick setting date, and three harmonious rotors.

Paul Gerber welcomes those who find themselves in Switzerland to make an appointment to visit his workshop to get a closer look into the fascinating world of fine watch making.

The new caliber 42 sports watch cased in titanium has two specially designed and constructed complications by Paul Gerber, which include a large date and three rotors for the base automatic ETA 2824 movement.